More than anything, I think that the relationship between Cap and Widow is one that becomes a friendship and that is way more interesting than a romantic relationship. We don’t really know yet if she’s really even capable of that. Black Widow has so many trust issues that the last thing on her mind is like, “Man, I wish I had a boyfriend.” Steve Rogers is an attractive guy but I think she’s learning how to be herself —whoever herself is. This friendship is the catalyst that helps her to understand other events with Fury and helps her to understand what she wants because she’s probably never really asked herself that. That’s what we see more of developing; between the two of them is a friendship that allows her to be self-reflective.

Scarlett Johansson’s response to a question about “a hint at a romance” between Natasha & Steve in CA:TWS [X] (via chujo-hime)

The fact that Natasha Romanoff has now made it through 3 movies without having an unnecessary romantic plot foisted upon her, with her unquestionable badassery being acknowledged as more important than her gender and her looks by both the narrative and characters, with any man who is foolish enough to underestimate her swiftly coming to regret it - these things fills me with happiness. 

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